Access to Finance


Our team provides professional advice on how to carry out business valuation for purposes of investment, partnership, or sale among others. Working closely with the client to understand the financing needs of the business, we structure different possibilities for funding and link the client to funders for further consideration.


Finance being a key ingredient fuelling operations of a business, our experts facilitate viability, valuation and potential and prepare investor readiness reports for potential funding through different means including private capital raising such as equity, venture capital, and debt financing

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A);

In cases where a business may prefer to be merged or carry out an outright sale, our experts will advise on the consolidation of assets through various types of financial transactions.

Access to Knowledge & Skills

We support our clients access to knowledge and skills through advisory, coaching, and training;

The FORTUNE knowledge and skills basket is unique and based on current market trends and experience, all customized to the specific needs of the client. Clear objectives of knowledge and skills requirements must be shared so that our services are tailored to the client needs and hence the desired output is realized

Key areas of expertise include;

Digital Marketing

The fourth industrial revolution has created a very unique opportunity for businesses to reach their buyers through digital marketing, whether B2B or B2C, we offer customized training to our clients to plan, implement and monitor this market access

Sales skills and management

A special program in International Sales that includes beginner-level The Sales Man, intermediary level of The Sales Supervisor and the advanced level of The Sales Manager all levels are recognized by certificate after successfully completing the training assignments and practice

The team also provides extended monitoring and evaluation of knowledge and skills embedment for business growth.

Access to markets

Business Development Services (BDS)

Our daily bread, our dream is to transform businesses into progressive entities and support clients from strategy development, finance, operations, and marketing planning with customer-centric lens.

Specific services offering may be requested through

Export Development

Where there is potential market, our team will support the initial steps to market entry and growth through planning, development of Export Marketing Plans (EMPs) with clear Value Propositions (VPs) and promotion plans and work plans, support the linkage process as well as monitoring


We support businesses to re-engineer their businesses to entirely run online or develop the e-commerce section as a specific revenue center, we, therefore, develop strategy and support the implementation by identifying required financial and human resources to run an e-commerce platform.

Furthermore, we monitor the development of the technical specifications, monitor development, and train the human resource to be able to work with online tools. Additional services including mobile apps and digital marketing may be provided.

Entrust your success to our consortium of experts

Don't spread yourself too thin, through our network of highly skilled experts, we have accumulated the experience and built the resilience against obstacles that hinder new markets' penetration. Moreover we assist your firm/company identify and build profitable partnership with African companies.

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