Enabling trade beyond boundaries

Connecting firms to finance, facilitating knowledge exchange & skills development and connecting to the right market

Access to Finance

Our team provides professional advice on how to carry out business valuation for purposes of investment, partnership, or sale among others.

Access to Knowledge & Skills

We support our clients access to knowledge and skills through advisory, coaching, and training;

Access to markets

Our daily bread, our dream is to transform businesses into progressive entities and support clients from strategy development, finance, operations, and marketing planning with the customer-centric lens.


Our desire is to interconnect the global community through businesses and people bringing the producing, intermediary and consuming entities into a continuum of value.

Asili FORTUNE’s 3 A’s approach to supporting international trade indicates that trade will grow when ingredients such as finance, knowledge, skills, standards and linkages are harnessed by all participants. Our existence is therefore premised upon linking to finance, learning and market to ensure that sellers are able to satisfy the demand for various goods and services in the global market.

Access to finance, if restricted always hinders growth and limits capacity, we fill this gap by linking our clients to private capital, funding, equity, and debentures, and directly offer strategic advice and deliver current knowledge, skills and standards support while preparing the client to enter and grow markets.

The 3 A’s combination of Access to finance, Access to knowledge and skills, and Access to markets is our aspiration for you.

The Professional sales training program

This is a practical program that supports people who are either experienced or have studied sales at college or university level to standardize and certify their skills in sales of products and services.


Current Assignments

With our knowledge base we build capacity and actively connect people and businesses through B2B Events and e-Commerce, while developing sustainable models for businesses to collaborate or cluster to reach bigger markets.

Access to finance

  • Current Assignments
  • Relevant past experience

Access to finance

Delivered over 7 SMEs and large scale agro-processing firms to access venture capital and equity funding

Consulting work

  • Current Assignments
  • Relevant past experience

Consulting work

Consulting work; In collaboration with Belli Advisory implementing BDS for GIZ supported firms in Uganda Supporting Vantage Communications and UIA to implement services for SMEs in Uganda Event Management; Planning the Zimba Summit 2017, the project owner is Zimba Women Uganda e-Commerce solutions; Developing commodity e-market for sale of African crafts, artifacts, fashion & jewelry […]


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