ICT is our key driver in empowering commerce



Established in 2008, with 45+ years combined experience in trade development and promotion, Asili FORTUNE aims to build a better world for all through connecting the world to the African Market. Connecting producers and investors to buyers and beneficiaries.

Asili FORTUNE visualizes a world with increased communication, and flow of goods and services, a trend commonly identified as Globalisation. With a sustained upward trajectory in the need for goods and services demystified geographical boundaries, there has emerged an increased demand for support in the different value chains.

People - The Difference

Research based and data processing analysis.

Significantly more businesses will enter international trade exporting and importing goods and services, and new intermediaries will emerge including value addition and information technology leading to new business models and strategies for engagement within the Global Village. Digitalization, Market Intelligence, Knowledge, and Skills will become key, as well as the ability to connect, compete and change fast, thus separating leading businesses from the crowd.

Asili FORTUNE will fill the gaps by facilitating the change you need by resetting your mindset for a new beginning and applying new knowledge, skills, technology, and standards while accessing markets.