ICT is our key driver in empowering commerce


Established in 2006, our experience has grown in preparing businesses to access funds, facilitating knowledge transfer and skills development as well as creating and implementing linkages to markets, we use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a key driver in our business. The key sectors we work in include agribusiness, energy, ICT, light manufacturing and processing as well as Tourism. Our services are delivered with precision and cognisant of the sector value chain to ensure proper interactivity between value chain actors.

It is our belief that all-inclusive and fair trade will lead to the much-desired co-existence across the world ensuring equitable distribution of wealth.


Founded in 2006 as a digitalization and web development firm, our IT outsourcing experience started earlier than most businesses in East Africa, it was in those formative years that Asili FORTUNE developed export development competencies.

Working as an outsourcing firm, the company was eventually drawn to the lucrative business of supporting the export of fabric, food, grain, and oilseed products as well as tourism services. This rich exposure positions the company as the best advisor in export strategy and the prerequisite knowledge, skills, and standards required for participation in local and international trade.

People - The Difference

Research based and data processing analysis.

We are continuously involved in research and development and pride ourselves having the fast mover advantage to ensure a fair level of competitiveness for our customers, our market intelligence is done with the support of leading government and private sector institutions around Africa and Europe, a network we have built over a combined 45 years of experience.